I am excited to let you know about our first outreach as Redeemer City Church. The Farmer's Market at Lafayette Central Park has been on my heart as a place where we should serve for a while now. Lafayette Central Park is one of the newest and biggest developments currently happening in Lafayette. It is located in between the South College Shopping Center and The Grand 16 on Johnston St. The goal is to build a world-class park in the center of the city. They are expecting it to not only be a beautiful park, but also to boost the economy by raising the value of the properties around it, be a cultural center, and increase tourism in Acadiana. I had the privilege of having a conversation with one of the architects who is planning the park. He told me that they are expecting to have everything from an amphitheater, to botanical gardens, to biking and running trails. 

    Redeemer City Church is a church that loves our city and desires to seek its peace and prosperity. The goal is to show our neighbor that the gospel of Jesus does not seek to destroy culture, rather the gospel works to transform and cultivate it. We believe that God is glorified in a church that serves its city, and we believe that service displays the beauty of the gospel. 
    Saturday, April 5th, we will be doing an outreach at the Farmer's Market at Lafayette Central Park. The vision for this outreach is to offer fun activities, such as games and fun jumps, for children and families who are there working and shopping. We will be working from 7:30 am.-12:30 pm. I would love to see you attend the Farmer's Market on April 5th to enjoy the community and help us facilitate the outreach. We can use all of the volunteers that we can get! 

    If you have any questions or suggestions for this event, please let me know! Email me at info@redeemercity.com.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Aaron