Welcome to the Redeemer City Blog! I am very excited to get this started. It has been a desire of mine for a while. Blogging is a fairly trendy thing to do right now. There are millions of blogs out there, and there is one on every subject. But why does Redeemer City Church need a blog?

    The Redeemer City blog exists for two reasons. The first reason for its existence is you, the reader. Neither I, nor any other contributor, would take the time to think, write, and post these blogs if it were not for the readership. This raises a question, who is this blog intended for? The simple answer is everyone.

    My goal is to write a broad range of posts so that there is something that will be engaging for every reader. There will be posts addressing the skeptic, the believer, and everyone in between. There will be reasoned defenses for faith, answers to the questions and doubts about Christianity, encouragement for the Christian, and Biblical teaching. You can be sure of two things. First, no matter where you are spiritually, you are invited to read and engage with this blog. Second, the intention of every post will be to connect you with one person, Jesus Christ.

    This brings me to the second reason for the Redeemer City blog. This blog exists to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ, and spread His fame exclusively. Neither this blog, nor this church, exists to further the name of Redeemer City or Aaron Shamp. Redeemer City is a church that is centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you visit one of our services you will see us sing the gospel, preach the gospel, and apply the gospel to our lives, so we will also strive to blog about the gospel. We believe that there is no greater hope, healing, peace, comfort, satisfaction, or salvation than Jesus.

    Whatever your attitude towards Christianity is, I cordially invite you to the Redeemer City blog. I hope that you will find it a place where your concerns are taken seriously; I hope that you find it a place where your faith may grow; I hope you find it a place where you may come to know and love Jesus more.