Redeemer City Church is founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ and exists to spread that gospel throughout Acadiana. The Christian gospel is the story of God coming down to humanity in the person Jesus Christ to rescue us. He did this by living the life we should have lived and dying the death that we all deserved to die, so that we may be reconciled to God. By accomplishing this mission, Jesus, our Redeemer, offers us a restored relationship with God on the basis of grace.

We believe that the gospel of Christianity has the power to change your life, create faith in your heart, and enable you to understand the world in truth and with hope.


Redeemer City Church values deep relationships. We do not believe that the church is weekly entertainment that unconnected people attend; rather the church is a community of people experiencing life together in worship, devotion, and service. The gospel of Jesus Christ not only creates redeemed individuals but also a renewed community that seeks to worship and experience Him in deep relationships.


Redeemer City Church does not exist to please ourselves, but to honor God and serve our city. We believe that the Christian gospel has the power to heal society, reform and cultivate culture, and bring the peace of God to any city. We love our city and believe that God has called us to seek its peace and prosperity. Redeemer City Church intends to fulfill this mission of renewal through sharing the gospel of grace, engaging with the culture, and serving the poor and oppressed in Lafayette.