Artist Statements: Series Introduction

At Redeemer, we have placed a high value on artistic creativity and excellence from the very beginning. As a Christian and a pastor, I believe that art should play a major role in every Christian's life. 

God is the original artist. He made his world to be something which is not merely utilitarian but beautiful. Who other than an infinitely creative and joyful God would make 8,000 different species of centipedes? God's love of beauty can be seen in every sunset when the sky looks like a canvas for his divine brush. And we are compelled to look, to wonder, and delight.

Artistic expression is one way that we reflect the image of God and, in reflecting him, bring glory to him. Art and worship go hand in hand. What does the word worship bring to our mind? Music. Skilled voices. Beautiful sanctuaries.

Therefore, I would like to begin highlighting the artist excellence which benefits our worship. We'll do this by featuring an artist statement from the designer of the various artwork done for the church. Redeemer has been blessed to have many great artists contribute already. We will begin with the artist who made our most recent sermon graphic. Here is Cindy Tee's artist statement for her piece, "Marriage."

"Marriage" by Cindy Tee

"This piece has been an exploration of God’s design and purpose for marriage. In the creative process, two words that stood out to me were refinement and covenant. The ring of covenant, traditionally solid and pure gold, is symbolic of an individual’s relationship to God. Where the two rings interlock, signifies bride and groom, joining together into a covenant with one another and God. 

The characteristics of the background, while wrinkled and spotted, glisten with gold, expressing that marriage is a paradox of both ugliness and beauty. The unlovely reality that we are flawed by sin is surpassed by the breathtaking beauty of God’s grace refining us. Just as a goldsmith knows the refining process is complete when he can see his own image in the gold, God’s final goal for marriage is for His people to be so refined, we reflect the beauty of the gospel and His glory."