Love is Generous

As I promised in my sermon this morning, here are a few resources for you to begin learning how to better manage your time and money. When we experience the grace of God we are moved to be generous people. Generosity is the visible sign of invisible grace. 

In order to use our time and money in a way that honors God, we must first give ourselves to him just like the Macedonian Christians in 2 Cor. 8:5. Second, stewardship is an essential step toward becoming a generous person. Use these resources so that you may become a joyful giver. 

Time Management

This book is an amazing resource to learn about stewarding our time well. Perman explains how the gospel impacts our productivity, how to set a personal mission and vision statement, setting priorities, and getting the right things done. If you only read one book on time management, then it should be What's Best Next

Dave Ramsey is most likely the foremost personal financial writer today. I love Ramsey's teaching and tools because the goal is not just to accumulate wealth, or even to be debt free, but to become a generous person. No matter how well you think you handle your money, you should read this book.